Real Estate

Buying, building or selling your home is one of the largest, most important, and stressful purchases most people make. At Fall River Law we pride ourselves on our ability to guide you through every step of this process to ensure you make smart, informed decisions.

During your first meeting you will learn about the whole process and will leave with a step-by-step approach including a clear understanding of who is responsible to complete each task and the related time frames. Our goal is always to ensure this experience is stress-free and thorough; and we’re just as excited as you when everything comes together and keys are exchanged on the closing date.

At Fall River Law, we can also sell your property, refinance your home, or migrate your property to the new Land Registry system. (Watch the video below to hear Barb talk about What is migration?)


Occasionally issues arise regarding boundary disputes, land agreements and right-ofway/ easement agreements. Fall River Law can also represent you on these matters and we believe in reaching a win/win agreement for everyone concerned.

At the end of the day, clients consistently tell us our approach lessens their worries and gives them confidence as they move through the often complex process of dealing withreal estate.