Fall River Law opened in 1996 and we are dedicated to creating a relaxed and open atmosphere where questions are welcomed, answers are spoken in plain language and our clients are encouraged to fully express their needs.

We offer a broad scope of legal services including real estate, small business, and wills and estate law. Our specialty however, is Mediation and Collaborative Family Law. We will bring our diverse skills and expertise to every case – including family mediation, negotiation, and collaborative practice.

Discover Our Mediation and Collaborative Family Law Approach

What Our Clients Say

“Collaborative law was the best solution for me as I tried to navigate an adversarial separation. Our family needed a solution that minimized conflict and maintained the children as the focus. Barbara was highly effective in achieving the best outcome for all involved. She made an overwhelming task achievable. The results of which are a separation agreement that has proven effective over the past two years.”

M . Smith


“When I first met Barb, I was a terrified lady, heading down a road to an acrimonious Divorce. Not only did Barb provide me with the guidance I needed for a successful financial outcome, she afforded me the positive, personal growth I needed, which has a far greater value. Her empathy, and professional guidance had a profound effect on me, and I not only survived the ordeal, but will go on to thrive. Thank you, Barb, for giving me a future full of hope.”

 Jill S.


“The process of separating can be very stressful. Choosing the Collaborative approach with Barb as my lawyer was one of the best decisions I made at this time in my life. I came to Barb's office not totally sure how to ask for what I wanted or how to go about getting it. Barb helped to give me a voice and a way to be heard that I feel I would not have had without her help. Barb used our time together effectively and efficiently with the end goal being a separation agreement that was fair and did not drag on longer than necessary.”

Sherry W